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I have included a powepoint presentation regarding Easy SET (1,5M). This could be interesting for those working in Secure Electronics Transactions.

SET (Secure Electronics Transactions)





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Extensive list of Certification Authorities:

PGP Certification Authorities:


CAs accredited by the German Digital Signature Law ("Signaturgesetz")

CAs accredited by the Italian Digital Signature Law

CAs licensed by the Utah Digital Signature Act

CAs licensed by Washington State's Electronic Authentication Act

CAs licensed by Oregon's Electronic Signature Act

CAs licensed by the North Carolina Electronic Commerce Act

CAs licensed by California's Digital Signature Regulations

CAs licensed by Nebraska's Digital Signatures Act

PKI Service Providers approved by the Texas Digital Signature Rule

Information and documents related to the European Directive for Electronic Signatures

CAs licensed under the Gvmt of India IT Act 2000

CAs licensed under the Polish Digital Signature Law

TTPs registered under the Dutch Wet Elektronische Handtekeningen


Digital Signatures:

PGP / OpenPGP / GPG:

General World Wide Web Security:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS):

MIME Security:

DNSSEC resources:

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